Hänseler Forte

The Hänseler Forte dietary supplements support the body and show a bioavailability of more than 90%.

Why Hänseler Forte

The core of the vital substance is given a water coating in a process called micellisation, using natural elements. This makes the difference. The water coating means that the body can save time and energy. Micellized supplements are good for the body – they reduce its workload and provide it with more energy.

Thanks to micellisation, it is possible to achieve bioavailability (how the substance is digested and absorbed in the body) of over 90%. This process can be used for a wide range of substances. Since it is a natural process, no artificial additives, such as polysorbates and piperine components, are required.

The so-called micelles are more easily absorbed in the small intestine mucosa. From there, the major vital substances are transported into the corresponding cells of our body via the blood and lymph.

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